A model for firm-specific strategic wisdom

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By: Roeland van Straten

Strategic thinking.​ Is it guess or know?​

Learn how to systematically understand any business from this groundbreaking work.​

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About The Book

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W ant to become fluently intelligent and demonstrate strategic wisdom? This book shows you how. By presenting the 49 questions to ask and showing you exactly how to answer them. All in one sophisticated model.

The fastest way to do this is through an introductory course or a private master class for your company. Want to learn more about this groundbreaking work? Just send us a note.

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What's In The Book?

The book contains the original text from all four chapters in the PhD thesis that presented the ‘Model for Strategic Wisdom’ to the world.​

Chapter 1

Why is it that all existing literature and models still cannot guide strategic thinking?​

Chapter 2

What is needed to enable strategic wisdom? All is explained in this chapter.

Chapter 3

How to answer the 49 questions for any company? Five case studies.

Chapter 4

The model will impact theory and practice. Nearly thirty implications are discussed.

Appendix A: Financials

Wisdom demands thorough knowledge of value creation. This is what you need to know.

Appendix B: Tooling

All tooling needed to become wise regarding any company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions.
Some are frequently asked, and those I can answer right now.

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1. Is it not too complex?

That depends. I knew I could not be this bold without ample preparation. That is why I used no less than 200 pages to explain the underlying logic. However, you won’t need to understand that in order to apply the model.​

2. Is it practical?​

Yes. The presented memory aid and 49 questions are much more practical than existing strategy tools. Unlike the alternatives, they will also not leave you wondering ‘So what…?.​

3. Can you teach me?​

Yes. It is wise to be instructed on how to make the most of the Model for Strategic Wisdom. If I teach you, you will be able to apply it faster and with more effect.​

4. How can I start?​

Just contact me. There is a lot of training material available so we can start assessing your company and improve strategic thinking in no time.​

Page examples from the book

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About the author

Dr. Roeland van Straten

Roeland is the longtime owner of a high-end strategy boutique. He is particularly known for his ability to prepare and integrate complex strategic and financial analyses and reasoning.​

Next to his business practice, Roeland spends a significant amount of time on lecturing at Universities and executive training. For more information, please visit one of the network and social platforms below.​


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